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Renter's Insurance - Date 02/11/2020

News Thumbnail Image for Arbor Lakes Apartments, Elkhart, 46516 to gas prices and inlaws, there are probably not many other
topics that people like to discuss less! But if you haven’t thought about renters
insurance, there is no time like the present.
Many people believe that their landlord’s insurance policy will cover any and
all damages to their personal property. Actually, the landlord’s insurance policy
only covers the structure of the building and not your belongings, so you are
responsible. Renters insurance protects your valued possessions against damage
and also protects you against possible liability. For an average policy with
roughly $40,000.00 in coverage, expect to pay around $200 per year. This is as
low as $17.00 per month to protect you and your belongings! To obtain renters
insurance, the best place to start is through your auto insurance provider. In
fact, most auto insurance providers offer a discount if you have both an auto
and renters insurance policy. You can also check with companies like State Farm
or Nationwide. Their websites can help you through the process.
Now that you are thinking about renters insurance, the next step is to sign up.
And unlike your next fill-up or vacationing with your won’t
regret it!

Moving Soon? - Date 02/11/2020

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If you are planning on relocating to another area of the country and are looking for a place to call home, check out our other locations on our website! We offer several styles of rental homes, from studio apartments to 3-bedroom townhomes and our transfer policy makes it easy to move from one Edward Rose & Sons community to another. If you have any questions about transferring please contact the Leasing Office.


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